Home » News » FIRE report documents targeting of 111 professors for their protected speech in 2021

By Free Speech Center, published on March 2, 2022

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The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has released its 2021 report on college professors and scholars who have suffered official consequences, including firing and other penalties, for things they said.

The FIRE report, “Scholars Under Fire: 2021 Year in Review,” found that 111 professors were targeted “for ideological reasons,” with more than two-thirds of the actions coming from the political left.

FIRE said that more than 60% of the incidents “resulted in some form of sanction being leveled against the scholar, including 28 investigations, 18 suspensions, and 14 terminations.”

“The First Amendment protects scholars at public institutions — and those institutions cannot legally punish scholars for the expression in the report (though they often do),” FIRE wrote.

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