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By Ronald K. L.Collins, published on May 3, 2018

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What are the greatest threats to a free press in America, and how have they changed in recent years?


On this episode of So to Speak, Nicco Perrino speaks with Laura R. Handman, who is a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine and a co-chair of the firm’s appellate practice. For 30 years, she has worked on free press issues ranging from defamation to reporter’s privilege. Her media clients include National Public Radio, Atlantic Media, Dow Jones, The Economist, Amazon, Bloomberg, and many more.


Podcast: Marc Randazza on potential exceptions to the First Amendment


Ken White and guest Marc Randazza examine the question of whether the government can continually come to the Supreme Court with potential exceptions to the First Amendment.


— Make No Law Podcast Series: Crush (April 12, 2018)


Podcast discusses medieval freethinking and freethinkers


In expert opinion episode, Jacob Mchangama talks with Peter Adamson, who is a professor of philosophy at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and host of the podcast “History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.”


We’ll discuss medieval freethinking and freethinkers from both the Islamic world and the Latin West. Where was the soil most fertile for medieval freethinking? What was the impact of Muslim philosophers like Avicenna and Averroes on European thought? And finally, who makes Peter’s list of the top three boldest European medieval freethinkers?


Professor Peter Adamson has released over 300 podcast episodes on the history of philosophy, written several books, and published numerous papers on medieval and ancient philosophy. He holds a joint appointment with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and King’s College London.


Ten New or Forthcoming Scholarly Articles


→ Albert W. Alschuler, Laurence H. Tribe, Norman L. Eisen & Richard W. Painter, Why Limits on Contributions to Super PACS Should Survive Citizens United, Fordham Law Review (2018)


  1. Kenneth Lasson, The Decline of Free Speech on the Postmodern Campus: The Troubling Evolution of the Heckler’s Veto, Quinnipiac Law Review (forthcoming 2018)
  2. Rachel VanLandingham, The First Amendment in Camouflage: Rethinking Why We Criminalize Military Speech, Ohio State Law Journal (forthcoming 2018)
  3. Timothy K. Kuhner & Eugene D. Mazo, Regulating Campaign Finance through Legislative Recusal Rules, in Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America (2018, forthcoming)
  4. James Grimmelmann, Listeners’ Choices, University of Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2018)
  5. Gregory Klass, The Law of Deception: A Research Agenda, University of Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2018)
  6. Daniel P. Rabinowitz, United States V. Caronia: Off-Label Drug Promotion and First Amendment Balancing, Fordham Law Review(2018).
  7. Bryan L. Adamson, The ‘Blurred Lines’ of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Here, My Dear’: Music as a Tortious Act, Divorce Narrative and First Amendment Totem, Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal (forthcoming 2018)
  8. Caitlin Jokubaitis, There and Back Again: A Vindication of the Listener’s Interests in Regulating Targeted Advertising in the Internet Information Economy, Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts (2018)
  9. Josh Blackman, Presidential Speech, SSRN (April 14, 2018

Two New & Notable Blog Posts


  1. Ruthann Robson, Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump for Defamation, Constitutional Law Prof Blog, May 2, 2018
  2. Eugene Volokh, ‘Freedom of the Press’ and Non-Professional-Media Speakers: Why It Matters, The Volokh Conspiracy (Reason.com), May 2, 2018


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